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Welcome to Grand View Farm!

 Host a tea party with this beautiful Spode tea set

Host a tea party with this beautiful Spode tea set

And so it begins….a journey I will be sharing with all of you!  I am not sure where this will lead us but I am excited and I hope you will enjoy it as well!!

Have you ever had that “aha!” moment when things that had been clouded with overwhelm now appear clearer?  That is what I experienced recently when I was doing the Annual Spring Cleaning of our historic barn.  The barn had become so full with furniture and other beautiful things that we had accumulated over the last 3 years as we had cleaned out, sold and consolidated three family houses following the passing of both our mothers.  After yard and estate sales, and many trips to donate items to excellent charities, there were still a great deal of family pieces that were brought back to our barn for storage with the hope that the kids might want them.  As I took on the barn cleaning with renewed energy and grand ideas of paring down further, I quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the task at hand.  As I stood alone in the barn surrounded by so many beautiful treasures, I wished they could talk….tell a story….of times past, of the people who so enjoyed them.  It was then that I realized that selling, giving away or letting these family heirlooms go would be hard – and how could I share all these wonderful things with others.  The reason both my mother and mother –in-law kept these beautiful things was to enjoy and share them with loved ones.  And, so the idea for Grandview Antique & Vintage Rentals, named for our historic farm, was conceived –what a wonderful way to share treasures that created memories for our family with others who wish to create their own.

There are quite a few Vintage & Rental businesses out there which have beautiful websites and an extensive collection of lovely things to rent for weddings, parties, showers, photo shoots and any other creative way one may find a use for an heirloom treasure.  I want the things I rent to go with a story – for the customer to be treated as if I were sharing it with a dear friend whether it is the first time I have met you or the 100th.

The inventory currently is just scratching the surface.  My photography skills are rudimentary at best.  As I continue to unpack boxes, take pictures, and find treasures that I think others will enjoy making their event special, I will share them.  If there is anything in particular you may be looking for to make your event special, feel free to contact me by email as I very well may have it!  Check often for new items…after the barn is done, the garage is full and waiting!

If I can bring even half the enjoyment to others that I know some of these treasures brought to our families, that will be the greatest success!